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Anumana is releasing the pioneer version of its algorithm-based software, which will target early detection of Low Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction (Low LVEF)


Anumana’s software is built on the richest and largest labeled ECG+ dataset* and leverages state-of-the-art algorithms to help clinicians detect and diagnose disease earlier

*ECG data paired with patient record data

How It Works

Start with the richest raw data

Anumana’s ECG+ dataset is built on the entire Mayo Clinic patient health record system and is one of the richest clinical datasets in the world. Our dataset comprises of both ECG data and can be paired with additional unstructured text from clinical notes.

Build the largest ECG+ dataset

Our best-in-class augmented curation labeling approach allows us to turn, at scale, unstructured ECG data into the largest labeled ECG+ dataset in the world. This one of a kind dataset is the bedrock of our algorithms.

Make accessible for all via software

Our novel software unlocks the impact of our AI models in a powerful, yet simple interface that has been tested at the Mayo Clinic. We partnered with physicians to integrate this software seamlessly into clinical and research workflows.

Why Anumana

For Clinicians

For Industry Partners
For Industries

Seeking FDA approval

We’re seeking FDA approval of our algorithms for use in the clinic. Our pioneering algorithm for LVEF was granted breakthrough designation

Co-developed with physicians

Our software has been tested in the clinic and designed in close collaboration with our physician-partners from the Mayo Clinic

Exclusive research environment

Our platform supports research use cases, including access to new algorithms and support for custom algorithm development

Early diagnosis and intervention

Anumana’s algorithms can help flag patients at risk for cardiac conditions before traditional diagnostic symptoms appear, enabling early diagnosis, detection and treatment

Improving resource allocation

Our models detect patients most likely to benefit from additional treatment or testing, reducing resource utilization and improving the likelihood that the right patient receives the right treatment at the right time

Democratizing AI

Our platform brings the richness and depth of the Mayo Clinic’s data and cardiology expertise paired with Anumana’s state of the art algorithms to the world

Early diagnosis and intervention

We identify pre-symptomatic patients to maximize potential clinical impact of approriate interventions and potentially preventing serious or chronic disease

Clinical guidelines integration

Our team can support development of custom algorithms for diseases of interest to support early diagnosis and intervention

Custom algorithm development

Our platform supports research use cases, including access to upcoming algorithms support for custom algorithm development

Adverse event detection

Early detection of potentially severe adverse events for therapeutics, such as in oncology

Treatment effect detection

Our algorithms can help gauge sub-clinical or early treatment effect, enabling greater likelihood of meeting clinical objectives and demonstrating product value


Anumana software is a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, software solution that can be integrated with any health system's EHR

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We’re actively developing algorithms for FDA approval. Please direct partnership and media inquiries to

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